Our research and development team is constantly working to maintain the delicious flavor our customers expect from Sapporo Ichiban.

1. Constantly pursuing excellence in flavor.

We test and retest in our Cooking and Development Room in order to achieve the best results. A team of 30 researchers and professional taste testers work with each product to achieve flavor perfection. These workers create a series of tests with the same goal in mind; creating the most delicious ramen possible.

2. Promise of deliciousness

Safety is the First Step when Making our Delectable Ramen

When making our ramen, we not only consider taste but safety as well. Delivering a safe and reliable product is of the upmost importance to our company. In order to meet our high safety standards, we individually wrap all of our products in high performance packaging to prevent quality decline.

3.Pursuit of Perfection

We love hearing that people can’t get enough of our ramen. To provide the best possible taste, we conduct regular taste tests and are never satisfied with the status quo. While we understand the importance of taste consistency, we constantly strive for improvement. We appreciate our customer’s feedback and utilize it to develop the flavors of Sapporo Ichiban.