Sapporo Ichiban Ingredients

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Consumer Confidence: Our Top Priority

Our company’s safety standards prioritize consumer confidence. The first step in this process is carefully screening raw materials. Sanyo Foods meticulously analyzes all materials before they are delivered to our plant. We check for trans fat, allergens, etc. and ensure that we only obtain perfectly safe ingredients.

Sanyo Ichiban Supply Chain

Trans Fat 0

All the ingredients listed on our labels are Trans Fat 0. We consistently check for any changes in our raw materials and conduct our own analysis to ensure that our products are sold as advertised on our packaging.

Displaying Food Allergies

Based on thorough information from our raw material manufacturers, we list the exact contents on our packaging. We clearly display food allergy warnings for fish, shellfish, tree nuts and peanuts in accordance with FDA regulations.

Raw Material Acceptance

Prior to accepting any raw materials, we process samples and conduct a thorough quality analysis. We retest to make sure that all materials meet applicable criteria. We regularly test all of our raw materials to ensure that any changes are immediately detected.