Sanyo Sopporo Ichiban Products


Expiration Date

A. The expiration date is 12 months from the date of manufacture.
A. While it is not harmful to consume our products soon after the expiration date, it is not recommended as the quality, taste and texture of the noodles may have degraded.



A. They are easy to make and delicious, can be stored at room temperature, and are sanitary, safe and economical.



A. The product package contains Standard Nutrition Facts. Please refer to the "amount of salt equivalent" for one serving. In order to convert sodium to salt, simply multiply the amount of sodium listed in the Standard Nutrition Facts by 2.54.


Cooking directions

A. The flavors become diluted when you cook the noodles together with the soup.
A. Please do not put the cup of noodles in a microwave in its original packaging as it may ignite.
A. Each product differs, so please check the packaging to determine how much hot water to add. It is recommended that you boil a bit more than needed, as some of the water may evaporate.



A. Please check with the quarantine office because the criteria is different for each country.
A. Climate or air pressure changes can cause the lid to expand. This will not affect the quality of the ramen, so please enjoy with confidence.



A. We are sorry, but we do not sell soup base packets seperately.


Corporate brand

A. Sanyo means three oceans. At the time we started the instant noodle business, we chose the name because we wanted our company's influence to span the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.
A. In the 1960s, Takeshi Ida, founder of Sanyo food, traveled around Japan to taste ramen for inspiration. One day, he made a fateful encounter in Ramen Alley in Sapporo, Hokkaido. After, he wanted to share this taste with customers all over the country with instant noodles. He named the product “Sapporo Ichiban” to express the praise of the most delicious ramen in Sapporo. This product has been a huge hit and continues to be loved by many customers.
A. Our original, Miso and Shio ramen all contain a different types of noodles that best pairs with the soup’s base.