1. Origin Story

"I want to make delicious ramen." - This is the number one passion of Sapporo Ichiban.

sapporo Ichiban Beef Ramen

In a search for flavor perfection, Takeshi Ida, the founder of Sapporo Ichiban, traveled all over Japan eating ramen. One day, he had a fateful encounter in Sapporo’s Ramen Alley. Here he tasted the finest ramen which became the basis of Sapporo Ichiban’s Original Flavor. Since then, Takeshi Ida endeavored to recreate this amazing, authentic taste at home. As a nod to the ramen that inspired it all, Takeshi lda named his final product Sapporo Ichiban.

2. High Standard of Flavor

Over the next three years, two more flavors were created along with our Original Ramen that have remained our company standard ever since. These are our Miso and Shio Ramen. These incredible and unique flavors came straight from Mr. Ida’s heart. It was always his dream to create an instant ramen for people to enjoy with all the flavor of a soup that took hours to make. Since then, these flavors have become increasingly popular and are a standard in Japanese cuisine.

3. Our Success is in Our Base

No one wants to eat the same thing every night. One of the secrets behind the success of Sapporo Ichiban Ramen is that our carefully constructed soup and noodle combinations work well with many other ingredients. While it’s delicious on its own, people can expand the flavors of our ramen by adding their favorite ingredients such as vegetables, meat or tofu.

4. Meals for the Whole Family

Our company is passionate about creating soups that will bring families together at mealtime. To this end, we work hard to provide a consistent flavor that your family can rely on. We want everyone to know what they are getting when they purchase Sapporo Ichiban; a flavorful soup that is amazing on its own, or mixed in with your favorite ingredients.

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