1953 NOV. Fuji Seimen Inc. was established in Shinmachi, Maebashi and Fumio Ida became the first president. Fumio Ida and Takeshi Ida previously ran an alcohol distribution business and eventually expanded to sell dry noodles. This was the first step in developing Sanyo Foods.
1957 The headquarters and factory moved to Amagawaramachi, Maebashi.
1961 The pair began manufacturing instant noodles and dry noodles at the same time and changed the company name to Sanyo Foods.
1963 Established Taihei Food Industry Inc. Piyopiyo Ramen went on sale and began TV advertisement. Sanyo Foods advertised on TV nationwide for the first time.
1964 The main factory was completed in Nishikatakaimachi, Maebashi. Nagasaki Tanmenwent on sale. It created a sensation as the first salt flavored local ramen in the industry.
1966 Began selling Sapporo Ichiban Original Flavor. Kansai factory was built.
1967 Kyushu factory was built.
1971 Began selling Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen.
1973 Completed the Sanyo Akasaka Building.
1975 Sapporo Ichiban Cups went on sale. Takeshi Ida took office as president and Taihei Food Inc. was established.
1978 Sanyo Foods established itself in the US.
1981 Sanyo Foods formed an alliance with Ace Cook.
1990 Sanyo Resort Inc. was established.
1998 Jyunichiro Ida became president. / Began selling Sapporo Ichiban Donburi.
1999 Made an equity participation with Tingyi Holdings Corporation, the largest instant noodle producer.
2014 Established Oramu Sanyo. 




1978 FEB. Established and incorporated Sanyo Foods Corp. of Americain Garden Grove, California.
1978 NOV. Started selling shelf stable instant noodles in Original, Chicken and Beef flavors.
1979 Made inroads into the Canadian market.
1983 Released shelf stable instant noodles in Shrimp flavor.
1986 Released shelf stable instant noodles in Yakisoba (chowmein) and Miso flavors.
1990 AquiredYorba Linda Country Club and Lomas Santa Fe Country Club.
1992 Released shelf stable instant cup noodle in Original, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp flavors.
1993 Aquired Tustin Ranch Golf Club.
2011 Released shelf stable instant noodles in Shio and Hot & Spicy Chicken flavors.The company released shelf stable instant noodles as a value pack of five for Original, Miso and Shio flavors. Miso flavor was renewed.
2015 Releasedshelf stable instant noodles in Tonkotsu flavor.