Today, the three most popular soup bases are Original, Miso, and Shio.
Below is an in depth look at the flavor profiles and history of each of our ramen.

Soy Sauce(The original flavor)

• Original Soup

We combine chicken stock, garlic, and flavorful vegetables to make this soup. The roasted flavor of soy sauce adds a deep savoryness to this tasty broth.

• Noodles

Our noodles are kneaded with soy sauce which adds an umami taste that compliments the soup. The cross-cut of the noodles make them easy to eat.

• History

It all started with a bowl of ramen.

The first president of Sanyo Foods, Takeshi Ida, traveled around Japan eating ramen in search of the perfect bowl. He became obsessed with a soy sauce soup in Ramen Alley in Sapporo. The original Soy Sauce Flavor Sapporo Ichiban was born out of this obsession.

After discovering his beloved ramen in Sapporo, Ida sampled the soup every day in order to recreate the taste. While Ida got close to creating a replica, he felt that something was missing and remained unsatisfied.

Finally, Ida discovered the missing taste that eventually would catapult his ramen to best-seller status. Seeing Ida visit his Ramen Alley shop almost daily in search of the missing ingredient, the sympathetic owner finally gave in and revealed the hidden element. It wasn’t the proportions or the seasoning that was off, but rather there was one aromatic vegetable that would make all the difference. Once he discovered the missing link, the original flavor of Sapporo Ichiban was born and soon became a hit.

Miso Ramen

• Soup

We use seven kinds of miso in our Miso Ramen. In addition, we add aromatic vegetables such as garlic and ginger to create a deep and special taste.

• Noodles

For our Miso Ramen, we use a flexible noodle with an oval cross section. The aroma of the miso and the rich noodles pair very nicely in this soup.

• History

There’s a New Ramen in Sapporo

In the early 1960s, Ida encountered another exciting style of ramen in Sapporo’s Ramen Alley. This new miso ramen was a twist on traditional miso and inspired Ida to spread a new flavor around Japan.

An Elusive Flavor

After trying the unique new ramen, Ida and his Research and Development team struggled to replicate the unusual flavor. Finally after three years, Ida found the perfect miso blend which he added to a Chinese stock. This combination became Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen.

Miso Ramen Spreads Across Japan

Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen became an instant hit. Soon, the idea of miso ramen, a soup that at one time could only be found in Ramen Alley, spread throughout the country and into homes all over Japan. Sapporo Ichiban created a sensation and miso ramen spread like wildfire.

Shio Ramen

• Soup

This soup combines umami, vegetables, chicken extract, and seasoning. It has a refreshing yet deep flavor that people cannot get enough of.

• Noodles

We use chewy noodles with circle-cross dimensions for our Shio Ramen. This noodle pairs perfectly with the refreshing salted soup.

• History

The base of Shio Ramen is Nagasaki Tanmen. The uniqueness of Nagasaki Tanmen and its interesting name made Shio Instant Ramen a popular new product in the industry.

Shio Ramen Becomes a Hit

s its popularity grew, Shio Ramen became the third flavor of Sapporo Ichiban. The combination of vegetables and umami flavors is simply delicious.

We Have Our Three Flavors

Sapporo Ichiban’s Original, Miso, and Shio ramen were created thanks to Takeshi Ida’s passion and a delicious bowl of soup. Now, these three flavors are household standards and leaders in the Japanese Ramen market.